Why She Bears?  cropped-she-bears6.jpg

As my first child came screaming into the world in a stark, cold, operating room, I felt my heart combust.

I had been praying for and dreading this moment simultaneously. My baby was a little girl and I was her mother. I knew the rest of my life would be devoted to showing this little, sweet, soul how to follow God and how to be a woman; the most important job I would ever have.

The prayer I find myself repeating over her is “Father, call her to love you with her whole heart and to be a fearless woman who would stand up against any battle she faces.”

I lovingly nicknamed her “Sugar Bear.”

This blog is for her, and you, and me, and every other woman who needs to be reminded to be fiercely faithful.

2 Kings 2:23-24 tells a short story of the prophet Elisha being harassed by a group of young people. In response to their disrespect toward him and their rebuke of a servant of the Lord, Elisha makes a totally logical move and curses the youth calling down two she-bears who come and kill 42 of them.

Those she-bears fulfilled a purpose, albeit violent and peculiar. God used them for a specific mission.

Throughout human history women have dutifully worked in the background, busy with raising generations and solving problems. Women have always been care takers, farmers, warriors, healers, prophets, protectors, inventors, problem solvers, scientists, missionaries.  Always working with their heads down getting it done.

And since creation God has been using women to fulfill his will and move his story forward.

We are the she-bears of 2 Kings 23.

We were created for a purpose, no matter how brutal, how difficult, how bloody, how bold. God is calling all of us to build a kingdom, brick by brick; to use our gifts to proclaim the Gospel, seek the lost, heal the hurting, mourn with others, rejoice loudly, snatch other from the fire, travel to the ends of the earth, walk among the broken, and any other painful, crazy overwhelming job He gives us!

But no matter how God calls us he ultimately calls us to one unified purpose: to glorify Him.

Those lady bears glorified God in 2 Kings. God created them and they obeyed their creator. No matter how strange the story is, no matter how hard it may be to stomach, they listened, followed, and fulfilled their call.

I want you to hear God’s call.

I want you to be brave.

I want you to be fierce.

I want you to stand up when every other voice is telling you to sit.

This is my purpose, my crazy, messy, unrefined, loud, brash, unconventional, unpolished purpose; to encourage you, to walk beside you, and to help you fulfill yours.

She Bears exists because I wanted a platform where I could speak into the lives of as many women possible. My hope and prayer is that as you read these posts you can have a fire ignited in your heart to serve God in the exact way he intended for you. If you need a sister to go on this journey with you, I am here. Follow this blog, check out my social media, and interact in the comments. Let’s build this community together and encourage one another to be fiercely faithful.