About Me

Hey, hi, hello!

I’m Sierra Porritt and you’ve stumbled upon my site She Bears.


I love ministry and weird junior high kids. I lead a junior high girl’s small group; they are my pride and joy. I was born and raised in Southern Illinois and went to college in Saint Louis, Missouri where I still have dear friends and partners in ministry.

I can’t get enough of speaking into the lives of other believers and I have a passion for encouraging the people God has placed along my path. I believe we should strive to make everyone feel like someone and I hope that after you meet me you know that you are loved.

She Bears exists so I can have a platform to love other people and empower women to know their place in the Church and the power they have through the Holy Spirit.

If you have ever felt hurt by the church, left out, alone, unheard, or powerless to change your world, you are not alone and I want to help you heal those wounds and find your voice. I believe you are powerful and fearless and God is calling you to something bigger than you think!

Please follow along with me as I spot light real women who are heroes in the faith, talk about my own doubts and struggles, interview amazing women and review some awesome sermons and books. Sign up for email updates, check out my Facebook, and stop by and say hi in the comments!